Women on a Mission: Jordan Trek


Over the past few years, Kels and I have visited countless countries, meeting an endless number of tremendous people along the way. We’ve befriended tuk-tuk drivers and stock-traders, farmers and famous athletes, and everybody in between. Yet as we continue to indulge our wanderlust, there are those who stay with us; who remain close to our hearts long after they’ve faded from our day-to-day life. It’s not the things they give us or the places they show us that inevitably endure: but the stories they tell us. Their story, that through trust, friendship, and compassion is revealed as we chip away at the differences that seemingly divide us. Yet, through all the stories, and there have been A LOT, the non-profit Women on a Mission have a story that stands aside from the rest.

women on a mission logoLiving as an expat in Singapore, Kelsey and I met many inspirational people, all with compelling stories. But coming from a family with four strong sisters and one unbreakable mother, I have a bit of a soft-spot for driven women looking to take on the world. That is exactly what comprises Women on a Mission: Singapore.

I was introduced to the group through Christine-Amour Levar, one of the founding partners of the organization, as well as through a friend of Kelsey’s, Emily Teng, creator of Blessings in a Bag. Aside from a successful career in writing and marketing that spanned four continents, Christine is also an accomplished mountaineer. Published author and a mountaineer: pretty much the definition of a rock star to me.

Women on a Mission is a non-profit entity, based in Singapore, which combines challenging expeditions, with dynamic marketing campaigns and events, as a means to raise awareness and funds for a humanitarian cause. In the past, their initiatives have included trekking to Everest base camp, raising over a $100,000 along the way. But for their next adventure, it won’t be ice-covered peaks in they’ll have to overcome.

women on a missionOn November 3, 2013, twelve members of Women on a Mission will head into the politically charged middle east, to take a trek that was first traveled thousands of years ago. Wadi Rum, or The Valley of the Moon, is a valley cut through stone in Jordan’s mountainous region. Petroglyphs of antelopes and hunters can be found on the walls of the stone valley, dating back to the 4th century BC. It’s as much a spiritual quest as it is a physical one. There are few areas of the planet that withhold a richer, longer, and more mysterious history than Jordan, and these women look to take it all in during their 10 Day Trek. The goal: raise awareness and funds for women survivors of war, victims of human trafficking, and rape.

The team’s journey will begin in Amman, the capital of Jordan, and continue on to Wadi Rum, following the magical trail of the Bedouin people of the deserts of the Rakebat Canyon. They will camp en route, and continue to travel in a majestic and otherworldly land of dunes and jagged red-rose rocks. The women will average 7 to 8 hours of hard hiking per day (carrying 15-20kg packs) under blistering heat, on a multitude of terrains, and will culminate with the scaling of the steep rocky facade of Jebel Um Adaam, the highest mountain in Jordan, located near the border of Saudi Arabia.

Occasionally, we’re lucky enough to not only hear an inspirational story, but also become apart of it. That’s the opportunity that’s available here: to become apart of these incredible women’s story. Tell your friends, family, and anyone you can to help spread the inspiration they’ve already shared with the world, and help them in their effort to bring light to women around the globe. In turn, you’ll be letting others become apart of your story, and creating something much, much bigger than yourself.

Women on a Mission LadiesIn these women’s own words, “we are just like you. Ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things. We firmly believe we should do our part to help people in need, and as a result contribute to making this world a better place.”

I’m not sure I can claim to be “just like” these women, but I’m thankful there are people like them out there inspiring the rest of us to stand up and do our part. I wish I could be by their side as they trek over sand dunes and through the stark beauty of Jordan’s desert, but for now, I’ll do my part by supporting them any way I can from home. Now if I could only get them to reconsider that name of theirs so I could start joining the adventures. I think “Women and One Guy on a Mission” has a nice ring to it, don’t you? Keep up the great work ladies.

To learn more, and to join them in their worthy cause, click HERE and visit their website.


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