Week 40: Sandboarding the Oregon Coast

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like to try new things. I like it even more when they don’t cost a small fortune. My good friend Quinn was visiting Kels and I from Hawaii this week, and I wanted to find something to do nearby that would be a memorable adventure. I was too shattered from recently climbing Mt Rainier to take him up any mountains, so the brainstorm began for a worthy adventure in the Northwest. This was the easy part- narrowing the list proved more difficult. A major reason I love this part of the country is because of the seemingly endless number of outdoor activities available within a short drive. There are boatloads! But for this adventure we had one prerequisite: we wanted to try something new.

j & qWhen we stumbled upon sandboarding online, I had low expectations. I find that personally it’s the best avenue to ensure a good time. Whenever I build up my expectations that an adventure is going to be EPIC, it falls short. So I go in expecting little, and often, I’m incredibly surprised at how much fun it turns out to be. This was one such instance.

In a word, sandboarding ROCKS! I’m a snowboarder who’s lived on the equator for FAR too long. Although this may not have been carving fresh powder in the Rocky Mountains, it sure helped appease the withdrawals. Imagine a mix between snowboarding and surfing, where carving is looser than on snow, but balance is much easier than surfing. That gives you at least an idea what sandboarding is all about. But what was hands-down my favorite aspect to this little known gem of a sport was the freedom. No boots. No hefty park pass fee. No waiting for the right wave. Just a board, your buddies, and the freedom to explore any sandy dune waiting to be cruised down. Shoes aren’t even needed- this sport was made for me! The bindings are loose and as easy to strap on as a sandal, and the dunes in the area seem to be endless.

After riding all day down every shape and size of sand dune, we ended it all in proper Oregon style at a micro-brewery on the coast. In fact, at my ALL TIME favorite brewery: Rogue Ales in Newport. If you can find a more perfect 24 hour adventure schedule, that starts and ends in my own bed, please, send it to me. Until then, I’ll be hitting the dunes! If this  looked like your kind of adventure, check out Sand Master Park to give sandboarding a try.


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