As a TV Personality, your resume isn’t a standard one page, 12-point font kind of thing. It’s a video montage of your best work. Before leaving the newsroom for good I put up my Reel (aka resume) on YouTube, mostly for friends and family but also to have just in case.

kelsey live repoting pic

As soon as it went up I started getting emails from News Directors from all across the country. I quickly started to question my decision to leave the industry, however, my intuition was loud and clear: I wanted more.

Sitting on the deck of this sailboat blogging as the sweet sunshine kisses my cheeks, I know I’m where I’m supposed to be. There is just one little hiccup. Sailboats, well, are a new thing for me. Finding seashells on family vacations paired with swimming lessons at the local pool pretty much sum up my life on the water. Thankfully, I’ve traveled near and far and somewhere along the way I found a bond to the sea that can’t be broken.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.52.52 PM

That said, I’m still working on being helpful around the boat. I never REALLY know what I’m doing, but that’s part of the fun—figuring it all out together. Today Joey took apart the engine (sounds intense right? It is.) And as little help I was, I felt good about holding that flashlight. Although, eventually, I hope to grow out of flashlight duty. Lucky for me my hubby is patient, and I’m learning something new every day.

My Colorado native husband has a lot more knowledge on his newfound love of sailing than I expected him to. If you ask him where it came from, the credit jokingly gets diverted to his astrology sign (Aquarius), but I know if adventure, freedom and hard work are involved- Joey will do anything to be a part of it.


They say it’s never too late to learn something new. Joey and I may be taking the saying a little too far, but all these unknowns are truly exciting. The best part is we’re learning and growing together.


Lessons of the day:

  • Putting toilet paper down a toilet on a sailboat is not only frowned upon but also disastrous. It’s a little odd putting your used toilet paper in the trash, but hey- you have to adapt right?
  • Sailboats have windows- ours lack curtains. Dress and act appropriately is easier said than done. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked out of the bedroom heading for the kitchen in almost nothing, only to quickly realize I’m living in a glass house. “Oh, hi neighbors! Do you like my striped panties?” Sometimes a girl just wants to sit on the couch and watch TV in her underwear. Is this too much to ask?

Question of the hour:

This is extremely unrelated to the post but— Is putting Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving frowned upon? I kind of really want to decorate this pirate ship a.s.a.p. (I may have already started….)

Tweet me @kelseydudley11 and let me know what you think!



Adios Desde el Mar

xoxo Kelsey



  1. Frowned upon by some but who cares!!! You two don’t do anything by the book so if you want lights put those little twinkle lights of happiness up. Yes I already have some Christmas decorations up. I can use the excuse that Thanksgiving is late this year but in reality I just love Christmas decorations and with my 3 year old helpers enthusiasm it seemed silly to wait. Good luck boating and writing!!! Happy holidays Kelsey!!

  2. I’m sure you put us to shame in the decoration category Maggie, but they’re up! Kels and I officially began decorating the boat :) Photos and videos to come.

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