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Hi Blogsters!

YES, we’ve abandoned you. That much is true. But I promise it wasn’t because of some deep-seated hatred thing. We just suck. Simple as that! I hope you haven’t completely given up on us. We still have some pretty awesome stories to share… like SAILING THE PACIFIC OCEAN!


We’ve lived 5 lives since our last chat. I didn’t venture off on my own. I never went north. Joey did sail south, he just had his better half there, leaning over the rails puking into the wind. Yep, I joined the journey! I boarded Rollover and sailed to Nicaragua! I wish I could share all the juicy details of the trip- and let me tell you there are about a million. From battling Poseidon to dealing with Mexican drug dogs, from panga pirates to watching sea turtles do the dirty. I could ramble on until Christmas if I wanted to. Somehow we survived, I still wonder how. The good news is you’ll get to watch it all unfold on TV! We partnered with The Surf Channel and they’ll be airing the entire journey, that is if I can ever finish the post production. You know I have a trillion gigs to go through? Do you have any idea how much footage that is!? Too much I’m afraid.

I’m writing this from the balcony of our new house. We live up in the jungle with beautiful birds that drive me to drink. Okay, perhaps my midday cocktail isn’t a result of their squawking. I think writing in paradise just requires a drink in hand. I can see the ocean from where I’m sitting and can watch the sun fade behind the horizon. It’s so peaceful up here. So safe.

Sailing nearly 25,000 miles forces one to cherish those moments. Feeling safe is a feeling I no longer take for granted. Before we took off for Nicaragua, I imagined epic evenings underneath the stars and romantic sunsets shared over a bottle of wine. The reality was far from my dreams. Stars were hard to come by, perhaps because on the sea, darkness means death. I would stare in silence at the sunsets, always shocked by how fast they faded. Mostly, I’d be mentally preparing for the grueling night ahead. To say nights at sea were terrifying would be an understatement. Sleep was never in the cards for us. We were cruising 24 hours a day, so the boys took turns keeping watch at night. The stagnant heat was suffocating, the waves and wind and lightning an evil enemy. The boat would rock so intensely my body was a slinky in bed. It was a race against Mother Nature. We were playing with hurricane season, sailing south just a little too late. Most of the other cruisers we met at port stops were settling in, staying there for the next few months- not a very soothing feeling.  

But we didn’t let fear decide our fate. We played with dolphins.

dolphins small

Found hidden beaches.


Pulled into Manzanillo, this gorgeous Mexican city.


Slept under the stars.


and had our fair share of vino themed afternoons.


Now that we’re in Nica, we play hard.


Work hard.


Explore often.


Eat beautiful fruits.

dragon fruit

and drink too much.


From it all, I’ve found the best adventures are the ones that challenge us. This voyage made me question myself- my strength, my courage, and I’m a better person today because of it. Not all journeys are glamorous, and the ones that test us and push us to our limits are the ones that shape our character and make us conquerers and explorers, not mere tourists.

We’re now living in Nicaragua, and love it. Of course there are struggles. It is a developing country after all- and my Spanish needs some serious work.

But the truth is, we live in paradise! And the adventure is just beginning. Follow us at Two Guys Adventures as we take on Nicaragua via Pirate Ship. Our premier sailing charter business is up and running as of August 1st, and our kick-off party is this Friday. An all you can drink Pirate Party with fireworks in the San Juan Del Sur bay- It’s going to be rad! Wish you were here :) 

Sending love and sunshine from Nica!


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