Life Aboard the Pirate Ship

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Saludos Aventureros!

If you haven’t read yet in our “Sailing Away” post, we have abandoned life as a landlubber and taken to the sea on a 50 foot wood pirate ship. It is one of the most unique and charismatic boats the sea’s ever seen, but she does need a lot of work. It had been neglected in San Diego for the better part of a decade, so my job prior to chartering it is bring her back to life. It’s a lot of work- but a blast! Here at 52-weeks you’ll be getting photo, video, and short blog updates along the way, from Day 1 to the day I sail to Nicaragua! You’ll also get to hear Kelsey’s perspective of this crazy journey as we’ll be splitting who makes the updates. So tune in regularly as this is not an adventure to miss!

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November 21, 2014

I’ve tackled three issues in the past 3 days: propane, pumps, and a water leak in the starboard water tank. The propane tanks that feed the stove, allowing us to have a fully functional kitchen, were corroded to hell. I learned quickly that the sea is a nasty son of a bitch that eats up anything that rests on or near her. I replaced what was needed and cleaned everything, and can happily report last night we made chicken chow mein on the stove!
Next was a pump that throws water from the sink overboard. I had to install the proper valves to stop water from running back into the pump.

Lastly, and by far the biggest battle, was my struggle with the starboard (right side) water tank. Ever since filling I have had a leak, meaning the bottom of the boat below the engine had 50 gallons of water each morning. I crawled under the engine, removed paneling, traced the leak, and fixed the pain in the ass. All is now dry and good.

The best part about the past few days, aside from the incredible feeling that comes from completing a task which provides instant gratification, has been being able to spend so much time with Kels. Some of the jobs can get pretty nasty and frustrating, and as you can see from the photos, her goofiness keeps me laughing. Plus, we have our killer Rolling Rock gifted road bikes we’re exploring San Diego with, and we FLY on these things! I don’t care how old you are, taking a bike ride with a pretty girl is always a good time. Until next time…

Adios desde el mar



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  1. Joey,
    It looks like I could send you some much needed sand paper. Maybe $ and you could go buy some. You can’t see it but I am green with envy. Go for it Bud! This sound like so much fun.


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