Week 36: Climbing for Kids

Over the past year, we’ve found more adventure than we ever dreamed we could have. We’ve trekked through jungles, explored ancient ruins, become engaged, experienced exotic cultures, and met remarkable individuals all around the world. Yet as we take our adventures, we can not forget that others are not so lucky. That many don’t have the luxury of pursuing adventure and travel, and are instead consumed by the most basic human instinct: survival. Worse still, many that face this daily battle are those we hope above all never have to: children. Beautiful souls that were robbed of their chance at a care-free childhood, and are forced by circumstances to fend for themselves. Thankfully, there are places like The Lotus Children’s Centre, and people like Didi Kalika. As most parents around the world struggle to find the time and patience to care for their own children, Didi has found it in her heart to create a place where she takes care of nearly a hundred little ones. Children who are found abandoned on the harsh streets of Ulan Bator, Mongolia. 

Aside from a lifelong passion for adventure, I’ve always possessed a drive to climb mountains, and a dream to help others. Next month, I begin my biggest adventure yet: Climb Mt Elbrus, Europe’s highest point and one of the 7 summits, in hopes of not only reaching new heights for myself, but also to bring light to the lives of countless children. However, I’ve been lucky enough that the mountains I’ve had to overcome in my life have been literal ones. I’ve chased my dreams around the world and up steep snow covered peaks. But as I climb, I cannot forget to help others overcome their own personal mountains: many that are much harder to overcome than reaching any great summit.

So this summer, I am heading to Mongolia, to live and volunteer at The Lotus Children’s Centre. The centre serves as an orphanage and school for nearly a hundred children, many who are found abandoned in the streets of Ulan Bator, the capitol of Mongolia. Climbing for kids (CFK) is a fundraising project I have created for the centre, in which sponsors donate funds to the orphanage as I climb Mt Elbrus.

Sponsors can donate in many ways, but all funds raised will go directly to The Lotus Children’s Centre. The climb is simply a means of peaking interest and garnering attention; the real goal is to raise as much money as possible for the children. This is a country that sees some of the harshest winters on the face of the planet, and without The Lotus Centre, the fate of these children would be grim.

At the top of the centre’s wish list is the construction of a community centre. A place where children of all ages could meet for dance, drama, music, singing, art, and other similar activities. A place where the kids can be what so many of the children at Lotus were never given the chance to be: kids. Many of the children at Lotus arrive with very low esteem, due to their troubled (and sometimes brutal) backgrounds. One of Didi’s (Creator of Lotus) great skills is to identify and nurture the talents of the children, and the activities mentioned are a great outlet for restoring their self-confidence and self-belief.

What makes this project so unique is the intimate relationship those donating will have with the project. Not only will I be present at the Centre for the summer, I will provide sponsors with photo and video updates from Mongolia. Sponsors will personally see their donations change the lives of these children.

So join me as I take on Mt Elbrus, and become a Child’s Hero by creating a brighter future for the beautiful souls at The Lotus Children’s Centre. Thank you all!

For more information, and to DONATE, go to:



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