A Journey Apart

It’s the turn of the season and spring breakers are fleeing to southern California to get away from the grind in exchange for a tan. Eventually, they’ll leave with a beer gut as an uninvited souvenir. Before we know it, just feet away from where our boat is docked, live music and fireworks will erupt every weekend for summer festivities, but we won’t be around when it happens. The perfect weather will only get more perfect. It’ll be warm enough to swim with dolphins not just paddleboard next to them. 

‘Why would you choose to leave such a place?’, is a question Joey and I get all too often. ‘Hello, you live in paradise!’
And they’re right. We do.
We’re comfortable here, hell we’re more than comfortable. But a long time ago we promised each other we’d never get too comfy, because where’s the adventure in that!? But let’s be realistic, it’s not as if we’re moving to Death Valley. Nicaragua is its own paradise and a place we can’t wait to call home, (and if the place isn’t a top destination on your bucket list, you need to rethink some things asap).
Five months have come and gone, and by May this old girl is setting sail south whether she’s ready or not (something about tropical storms if the crew leaves any later… sounds casual).
To many’s surprise, and to my dismay, I won’t be one of the salty dogs on this trip. It doesn’t make sense to everyone, especially those who know I’d wrestle a shark if one stood between me and this trip, but try to follow me…
In my experience, part of what makes a successful relationship is taking adventures together, but also having something that is yours. In truth, it’s been Joey’s blood, sweat and tears (literally all of those) that have gone into this pirate ship. He’s been an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic and more. This trip is his, not ours. Living on this pirate ship and watching it go through the stages was ours.
Now don’t think I didn’t fight to get a spot onboard. I definitely did. However, part of being a good partner is setting the one you love free, and knowing when to compromise. We’re two wildly in love adventurers, but we’re also individuals. We’ve had and will continue to have dangerous, thrill-seeking journeys together, on the boat and off. But this time we’re taking on our own journeys and meeting in Central America a month later. Not a bad ending when it’s the beginning of a new chapter. 
If you’re curious what I’ll be up to while Rollover and the boys are on the water for a month, you’ll have to stay tuned. I have something cooking that has adventure written all over it.
I’ll be heading north, Joey south, and as we go off on our journeys apart we have a challenge for you gypsy souls following us on this wild ride. Find your passion and run. There’s no need to look back. You’ll find 100 reasons why you shouldn’t move forward with your dream, one likely being ‘how will I make enough money’, (but that all depends on your definition of enough). You only need one reason as to why you should follow your heart, and it’s because your heart knows the deepest, darkest corners of your soul. Now stop dreaming and start living. 
Until next time,
SD bowsprit


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