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photo 1 copyI’m a bit of a writer with a big traveling problem. I’m a native Coloradan, but for some silly reason I continue to abandon my incredible home state for one adventure or another. One word sums up nearly all my interests and hobbies: Outside. I love to rock climb, bike, run, swim, camp, and above all, I’m obsessed with wandering up tall mountains. I come from a family of 4 boys and 4 girls (scary I know), and although it seems I’d be sick of talking to people after the small army of kids I grew up with, I still love meeting new people wherever I go. Among the many items on my bucket list, climbing the 7 Summits (the highest peak on each continent) is always at the top.


I love sunshine, hot yoga and reading. I could eat Thai food & Sushi everyday for the rest of my life. Rock climbing is always a good idea. So is sharing a bottle of wine. I have FOMO (fear of missing out)— but I’d to think that’s only because I don’t want to waste one moment of this beautiful life. I dislike monotony more than just about anything- as a result I’ve lived in four countries and countless states in four years, and I’m about to add another country to the list. Exploring the world and discovering new cultures are my passions. Someday I hope to learn Arabic. Right now I’m working on my Spanish. I’m a journalist and I love everything journalism stands for. Above all, I want to stay wild, happy and free.


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We’ve been on an adventure since day one. We’ve bounced from the foothills of Boise, Idaho, where we met at Boise State University, to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We roamed from the rugged outback of Australia, to the lush rain forests of New Zealand.

We’ve been lost amidst Singapore skyscrapers, and have found ourselves on the pristine beaches of Fiji. We wandered the small island of Tasmania with little more than sleeping bags and pb&j’s. We’ve climbed to the tops of mountains together, and dove below the surface to see the Great Barrier Reef… and we’re only warming up.

We got engaged October 2012 in the Angkor Wat temples of Cambodia, and were married in the Colorado Rockies September 20, 2014. Long ago we made each other a promise: a promise to never to let our lives get too routine. To never slip into the rut that so many seem to find themselves in once they’ve joined the dreaded, “real world.” It’s a promise we can happily say we have never forgotten, and one we will continue to strive to uphold.



  1. I like the way you guys write and the videos you post. I love the exhuberence you both show to life, adventure and experiences. Its quite a joy to watch how happy you guys are in the videos. Oh and I’m glad you seem to be enjoying Singapore, I live here too! Do try some “kway chup”, its a mix-mash of various pigs innards, stewed in an awesome broth!

  2. Thanks Weishing! We’ve had an incredible time in SE Asia to say the least. Great to hear you enjoy the posts and videos. Please feel free to give us your feedback on any of the adventures, as we always love to hear it :) We have actually just now left Singapore, but the adventures will keep coming! Thanks again!

  3. And thanks for the heads up on kway chup for the future- I am always up to try exciting food!

  4. I just found out ur blog and I really like ur stories and adventorous.

    U guys are very lucky that u found someone with same interests!!!

    And I love this promise u amde to each other: ‘a promise to never to let our lives get too routine’

  5. Thank you for the kind words! We agree, we were very lucky to find each other, and we try to hold up to that promise everyday. Thanks for the support :)

  6. Amazing videos and travelogue!!!!! have you sent them to Singapore Tourism Board? They’ll probably be interested with your adventures in Singapore. I’m a Singaporean, and through your videos, I sees another side of my home country through your eyes.

  7. Thanks Richard! We are no longer in Singapore, but when we were in Singapore we worked with loads of businesses in the tourism industry, but the tourism board never got back to us… maybe one day?! Really appreciate the kind words, and feel free to drop a line anytime with comments and suggestions :) Cheers. Joey

  8. I used to live in Singapore until just a few months ago, so looking through your photos and videos bring so many memories of South East Asia to life. I truly admire your passion for traveling and your open-mindedness. I really enjoyed your photos from the South island of New Zealand; it’s definitely one of my favorite places on Earth. Continue exploring the world and enjoying life to the fullest!

  9. Thanks for the kind words Ayala! We loved Singapore, and miss New Zealand every day! We hope to make it back to NZ & AU in the future. If you ever have any comments/suggestions about the site\videos feel free to share!

  10. Hey Joey and Kelsey!

    This blog you’ve created for your travels is so incredibly amazing. The pictures are so beautiful, creative and fun! I also think your moto of never ‘getting into a routine’ is perfect and travel is definitely the best way to do that. I totally plan on following you on instagram and keeping updated on your blog. I wish you the best xx.

    -Dani (your hotdog/beer girl from the Eugene Emeralds baseball game)
    P.S. I’ll send you a link to my blog of my move to Israel and travels around Europe once it’s up and running so you can check it out!

  11. Thanks Dani!
    We’ve had a lot of fun. I’m so excited to see your upcoming adventures as well! Look forward to reading your blog, and thanks for the kind words. By the way, my business partner and I are in the process of starting a tourism business in Hawaii, would love to connect in any way to you and the experience your family has in the field :) check it out

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