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52-weeks is dedicated to travel, adventure, and all the experiences found along the way. We’ve traveled enough to discover some people possess a very different view of what makes travel important.  But through our adventures, we’ve also met incredible individuals that share the same vision of how to experience the world, what travel is truly all about, and how it ultimately changes us.

It’s not about the price of the room. It’s not about the gifts we take home to inevitably collect dust. It’s certainly not about removing yourself from the very culture you’ve traveled to visit.

It’s about breathing in the soul of a city. It’s about tasting fresh ingredients grown locally, cooked by those who’ve perfected recipes passed down through generations. It’s about appreciating the unique beauty of the land, not trapping yourself in yet another resort suite. But most of all, it’s about the people.

To find others who share these beliefs is a rarity that should not be overlooked. To find a company, in the hospitality industry, that oversees villas, boutique hotels,  and even boats in over 10 countries throughout Asia… well, until recently, I would have unequivocally said it was impossible.

Secret Retreats is dedicated to much more than seeing distant lands and unique cultures. It’s about feeling them; experiencing them; letting the very soul of these locations soak in, ultimately changing those who visit them forever.

Less than an hour after setting foot on our first Secret Retreats property, we had a resounding sentiment that although we were amid an incredible foreign culture, surrounded by its beauty and unique characteristics; we were home. The answer to the anomaly, perhaps lies in Secret Retreats’ own words:

– Our home is your home. Refuges for the soul, each of our isolated, calming retreats has an invisible line that seamlessly connects them to one another—taste, discretion, refinement, and a passion for their place.

This isn’t a false pretense aimed at herding in masses of tourists. In fact, their goal is the opposite:

– Often secluded and at times evoking a feeling akin to being on the edge of the world, discretion in our private domains mirrors exceptional beauty and tranquility. Our hidden Asian jewels are an awakening to a new dimension—a different way to see the world.

If you’re thinking, “Sounds way too good to be true”, I’d probably have to agree with you. We wouldn’t have believed it either; that is if we hadn’t personally experienced the magic that these unique properties withhold.

When traveling, everyone always dreams of finding the true hidden-gems waiting to be discovered at their final destination. Perhaps that’s one of the most beautiful things about Secret Retreats- they’re your “Hidden-Gem Finder.”

Well, they’re certainly ours at least.




One of our most fundamental missions at 52-weeks is to seek out the local hidden-gems of the world. To not only travel to exotic and remote locations, but to find experiences and adventures that fly under the tourist-radar at home. Even in cities as populated as Singapore, we’ve come to discover there are always hidden-gems waiting to be adventured; TheSmartLocal.com just makes it easier to find them! Whether it’s where to eat, what to do, or where to stay, there seems to be no limit to what they’ve found. TheSmartLocal finds the hidden-gems, and we adventure them!

To become a sponsor, contact 52-weeks via email at: Adventure@52-weeks.net


  1. Hi!

    We are really inspired with your blog! We are taking our own 1 year (or more) adventure sabbatical with our 3 kids to Bali!

    Would love to share and explore ideas to inspire others to join this amazing movement!


    Alex and Jessica

  2. Hey Alex & Jessica!
    Glad you’ve enjoyed the adventures! Very jealous you’re moving to Bali, we fell in LOVE with the country and the people, not to mention the FOOD! Excited to see your adventures coming up, and let us know any way we can help and for tips in Bali. You can write us any time at adventure@52-weeks.net
    Cheers, and happy adventuring!

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