Where it all began: Our 52-WEEK ADVENTURE

credits logo croppedIn 2012, we moved to Singapore for one year, or 52 weeks. Like everyone, we were bound to a strict work schedule; but we wouldn’t let that define our lives. We vowed to take 52 adventures in 52 weeks, and film, photograph, and document each to share with the world.

Our goal: To convince the world that a person doesn’t have to be confined by their work. To prove that regardless how busy our lives become, if we have the drive, ambition, and enthusiasm to pursue it; adventure is out there.

The Adventure Continues Aboard The Pirate Ship

kissOur incredible year in Asia came to an end, and so much has happened since. We moved back to the States where Kelsey pursued her dream job in broadcast journalism, and on September 20, 2014, we were married in the Colorado mountains. Kelsey has an unwavering belief in the power and importance of journalism. The ability to share others stories and shine light on injustice is what motivated her to pursue the vocation. However, after a year reporting and anchoring at an NBC affiliate in Oregon, she discovered that as it is so often in life, the dream was quite different from reality. Local news was an incredible stepping stone, but it was not an outlet where she could create compelling stories and bring light to issues she finds important.

wedding partySimultaneously, Joey had been creating an adventure tourism company when an opportunity to renovate and charter a bonafide pirate ship presented itself, and knowing Kelsey’s growing restlessness, he jumped at the opportunity. Yet again heading into the unknown, we will be sailing the 50 foot ship south to Nicaragua, where we will be offering tours aboard The Pirate Ship!

Join us through our video, photo & blog updates as we take this crazy adventure. Click below to connect with us on social media and stay up to date with the journey!


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